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Agent Testimonials

"Well, it's true that buyers like to call. I was surprised. I thought everyone texted today, but it's actually slower. I like the mobile web site link that Home On The Phone sends to the buyers. Basically, the system works for me, and I've tried a few others."

Mike S., Keller Williams

"I've compared my web site to Home On The Phone, and people visit the site, but they don't leave their contact info. I put the Home On The Phone number on my site for people to call, and now I track them. It works great."

Jeanne K., Sunset

"I used this service, and then stopped for a while because I thought the people would call me directly. Lesson learned. They like the automation. They're very happy when I call them back. It's the primary way I get new buyers."

Steve M.

"I pride myself on being up-to-date on the newest and best technology and productivity tools in the Real Estate Industry. Home On The Phone is one of the best that I have seen in a long time. We use it and so should you!"

Joel C.

"I like it. I especially like the price. But of course selling homes is what makes it great."

Suze R.

"Our previous system to acquire HOT leads was successful. We recently replaced it with Home On The Phone, a far superior system. This is excellent technology!"

TJ Araujo, IT Director - Prudential Americana, Las Vegas

"Another potential buyer called the Home On The Phone number to check on a price on one of our listings. He wanted to compare the price of our listing to a HUD proptery he was looking at in the neighborhood. We got the text message and called him back within 30 minutes and ended up submitting a HUD bid for him that same weekend. It turns out that he and his son are investors from Casper, Wyoming. We've been out with them several more times since then, looking at more investment properties. They plan on fixing these up and listing them with us. Without Home On The Phone they would have just compared the price on the brochure and gone about their business."

Lynn S.

"I had just gotten a listing and had bought new brochure boxes. Little did I know that not only did the brochure box have holes in the bottom, it also had very large holes in the back. Around 3:00 a.m. the client's sprinkler system activated and completely soaked all 30 of the two-paged color brochures. I was instantly left with tie-dyed works of art.

The following morning a buyer was driving through the neighborhood and liked my listing. He pulled over and obviously did not want to put his hand into what looked like a carton of rainbow sherbet. He and his wife called the Home On The Phone number on the sign rider. I not only got a potential buyer, but a buyer that may purchase my listing. We are going back this weekend to look at the house again.

Thank you, Home On The Phone! I will use you on all of my listings!"

Adlora G.

"We've had quite a few buyers that called the Home On The Phone number and when we called them back and talked with them they were just beginning their home search. Typically they don't have an agent yet and so we've signed them up as VIPs on our web site. These potential buyers are now in contact with us and VIPs because we use Home On The Phone."

Joe S.

"I have your logo on my main web page. I sent out 300 postcards referring people to my web site to get a two-minute demonstration. On my web site is the Home On The Phone phone number and a code. When people call it, they will hear me giving them the facts on the most powerful tool in home-selling history."

Darren H.

"I think your Buyer Aquire program and signs are a great tool. I have closed one buyer from a sign call and am working with a couple of more buyers to get them into a home. I talk with them while they are still in front of or close to the property so we can discuss it while it is fresh in their minds. I am so glad to have signed up for your program and look forward to getting more signs up."

Debbie M.

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