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Home on the Phone Helps Agents get Leads that Work &

Real-time inquiry notification

Automatic buyer follow-up

200 X better than web leads

Monitor buyer searches

Get branded on every mobile site


Fee waived in slow months. Only pay your low monthly fee when there are leads.

Take control throughout the home buying process.

What is Home On The Phone?

Home On The Phone generates the most powerful leads in the industry. Your listing info is converted automatically to a real human voice. You just hang the sign and go! Buyers can call or text and automatically receive a link to a mobile web site, where they can view properties, save searches, mark favorites and more. You're instantly notified when an inquiry occurs. Your photo and contact info appear on every mobile web page, and follow-up drip text messages remind buyers about you and your brand.

Take just a few minutes to enter the listing information on the web—or in many areas, Home On The Phone can download the information from your local MLS—and the listing is instantly transformed into a real human voice!

What makes Home On The Phone different?

All call capture systems have some similarities. Most of them have the same basic features, such as capturing the caller's phone number and sending the information to the listing agent immediately. The real differences between Home On The Phone and everyone else are the ease of use, low cost and time-saving features. Here is a brief breakdown of what makes us different—and superior. You won't find all of these features in another call capture system:

  • Text Lead Drip

    We'll automatically send customizable follow-up text messages. It's an effective way to help them remember you!

  • No recordings you don't want to make

    It can take a long time get a listing information recording perfect, and then you have to do it again when anything changes—like the price. Home On The Phone automatically converts your listing information into a real human voice. If you like, you can easily add your own remarks or even completely replace the automated information.

  • Every listing in English and Spanish

    It's time-consuming enough to have to make a recording in one language, let alone two. Home On The Phone will automatically speak your listings in both English and Spanish.

  • MLS Integration

    We were actually the first company to ever do this back in 2004! In many locations Home On The Phone gets the listing information directly from the local MLS. When your listing gets entered into or updated at the MLS our system is updated, too, which translates to no maintenance required on your part.

  • Get rid of sign codes

    Well, we hate to brag, but we also created this technology. With SmartSearch, an exclusive Home On The Phone tool, you can eliminate sign codes. The caller just enters the house number of the property to get information. Never worry about putting the wrong sign on the wrong property.

  • Pre-listing tool (brokerages)

    Arrive at a listing presentation, take a few photos on your phone, put in some basic estimates of price and the beds, baths, etc. and click send. Everyone in your office will see the potential listing, and will be able to tell you they're interested with one button. Your sellers will be impressed and the listing has great potential to be seen by your brokerage even before it hits the MLS!

  • Know who called, when, and about which listing

    Home On The Phone provides detailed call traffic reports that show the caller's phone number, what time the call happened, and what property information the caller listened to.

  • Track every advertisement and sign call

    The reporting extends even further! With Home On The Phone's unique Media Ad Code system, you can track exactly where people are finding the number to call, whether it's the sign rider you hang, a local newpaper, the home magazine, or anywhere else you can think of!

How much does it cost?

Home On The Phone is remarkably affordable. See our pricing information above. Only pay when it's working for you!

We also offer heavily discounted rates for entire brokerage offices. Contact our sales team at (888) 997-0851 or sales@homeonthephone.com for more information.


Tell your broker about us. If they sign up, earn an Amazon gift card. Refer other agents and get a free month for every agent that signs up. Tell your lender, and they'll always be excited to pay for your service!

Great! How do I get started?

Go to the Signup Page to get your account going today! Let Home On The Phone help you stay in the ranks of top agents everywhere!